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We ensure that no matter who handles the design or manufacturing, the product flows seamlessly from one phase to the next.


With state-of-the-art equipment and tools, SMT Manufacturing is able to produce the highest quality products and also able to handle any type of mixed technology.


SMT Manufacturing offers full turnkey solutions, including Design Layout, Test Development, and Material Procurement all seamless to customers and all at very competitive prices.

Contact Information

Office Hours
9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Mailing Address
1245 N. Patt Street, Anaheim, CA 92801, USA.
Phone and Fax
+1.714.738.9999 (phone)
+1.714.738.9993 (fax)

Our Expertise

We are expert in a wide array of electronics designs and technologies. Taking a project from an idea or specification to a successfully functioning prototype ripe for manufacturing.

If you have an electronics project or product that you need designed, and need a contract electronics consultant, kindly contact us.

Customer Service

At SMT Manufacturing we know that good customer service is all about bringing customers back. And about sending them away happy – happy enough to pass positive feedback about our business along to others, who may then try the product or service we offer for them and in their turn become repeat customers.

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