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With unique tools and Engineering resources SMT Manufacturing is able to turn PCBA’s in under 12 hours (in most cases), and PCB’s in 24 hours (4-6 layers) enabling customers to shorten the development cycle and speed their product to market.SMT Manufacturing also provides Quick Test solutions to ensure that the highest quality is being delivered to the customer. Most Flying probe test data can be generated within 24-48 hours. In summary, a typical design can be Fabricated, Populated, and Tested in 2-4 days from the release of CAD and Gerber Data..


SMT Manufacturing offers full turnkey solutions, including Design Layout, Test Development, and Material Procurement all seamless to customers and all at very competitive prices.


With State of the Art equipment and Tools, SMT Manufacturing is able to produce the highest quality product and also able to handle any type of mixed technology.

Fuji CP-6:

High speed chip shooter 32,000 cph. Capable of handling 0402-24 mm PLCC and SOIC.

Universal GSM1:

Fine Pitch Placer, Capable of handling a variety of components from 0402 chip resistor/caps to 0.005”/0.132mm width lead 0.010”/0.264mm pitch QFP and 0.010”/0.264mm bump 0.021”/0.528mm pitch micro BGAs.

MPM AP 25 Printer:

Fully Automated screen printer with upward looking vision camera for X,Y and theta alignment and under stencil     wiper.

V-Tek TM 220:

Tape and reel machine for loose components from 8mm to 120 mm wide carriers.

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